At Priorclave, the safety of your staff, and students, comes first. Priorclave is the only manufacturer offering the sophisticated Tactrol controller, with permission-based door release, on every model – benchtop to double-ender. Program cycles are simple push-button and/or keyswitch activated. Program modifications are keyswitch and/or password protected, and interface directly with your PC. The Tactrol controller has the unique ability to be as simple as it needs to be, or as sophisticated as your process demands. Everything is within your control, and no additional training is required when moving from one unit to another.

Priorclave is also the only manufacturer offering Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces, a revolutionary antimicrobial coating, incorporating an active agent that is effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause discoloration, mal-odors, and degradation.

No other sterilizer manufacturer can offer this level of safety, both inside and out.

Priorclave Safety Standards:

  • All Pressure vessels are manufactured in-house and tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure.
  • All Priorclaves are fitted with pressure interlocks.
  • To protect against certain hazards when sterilizing liquid loads, all Priorclaves are fitted with thermal interlocks (BS2646 requires a device preventing access until the load is cooler than (80°C).
  • Door retention devices guarding against residual pressure are fitted in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s note PM73.
  • Regulation safety valves (BS6759) are fitted to all Priorclaves and set to ensure microbiological as well as physical safety.
  • Non-tip shelves are fitted on all front loading models.

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