Why Priorclave?

Meet Barbra Wells, president and CEO of Priorclave North America

Barbra Wells, President and CEO, Priorclave North America
Barbra Wells, President and CEO, Priorclave North America

For some facilities, sustainability is a mandate. For others, it’s a bonus. For Priorclave, it’s how we help customers channel funds to their work. An autoclave designed for sustainable operation will always cost less to purchase, operate, and maintain.

Labs throughout North America are doing really important work on really minuscule budgets—and stuck working with equipment manufacturers who fundamentally don’t understand that work.

In many labs the autoclave is the biggest single offender when it comes to dollars lost to high utility bills and hours lost to regular and unscheduled maintenance.

Our goal is to provide schools, researchers, and innovators the equipment they deserve:

Reliable. Flexible. Programable. Affordable. Safe. But most importantly, we want them to have the Support they need to get their work done.

An Autoclave Manufacturer Focused on Customer Support

We’re very pleased to bring Europe’s most reliable, robust research- and industrial-grade autoclaves to North America. Every unit we ship is covered by our 36-month limited parts-and-labor warranty and an unparalleled 20-year guarantee on its ASME-stamped pressure vessels.

More importantly, each unit is backed for its entire lifetime by our free 24/7 technical support. Our average response time for tech calls is under 4 hours, and we can get you parts in under 24 hours. In our latest customer survey, 97% of our customers described themselves as “very satisfied”—and the other 3%? “Delighted.”

Innovative and Affordable

Innovation and affordability go hand in hand. Priorclave doesn’t haphazardly add bells and whistles, or repurpose last year’s tabletop dental sterilizer as this years “compact economical benchtop lab autoclave.” Instead, we start with a fundamentally sound chamber design, and build with an eye toward improving our fundamentals: safety, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. The result is a safer autoclave that lasts longer, uses substantially less water and energy, offers greater programming flexibility, and costs less to own and operate.


It’s easy to forget that the last recorded smallpox death in the world wasn’t some obscure 19th century epidemic: It was an English lab tech in 1978, who died because of fundamental problems with sterilization procedures and equipment in use at the time. In response, Priorclave (a UK-based company) worked tirelessly to bring substantial changes to both lab methods and how sterilizers themselves are built and operated.

We’ve continued this commitment to safety.  Priorclave is the only autoclave manufacturer actively promoting safe and effective autoclave best-practices. We build safety in at every level, from permission-based door release control systems to “quickseal” doors fitted with mechanical thermal and pressure interlocks. Every Priorclave has Biomaster Protected® patented powder coating, proven to reduce pathogens and cross-contamination risks. Priorclave is the only autoclave manufacturer with a proven ability to destroy bacteria, both inside and out.

All Priorclave autoclaves comply with current US, Canada, UK, and EU safety regulations. They are manufactured in our UKAS-accredited facility in London, and are ETL listed and EMC certified. Our ASME-stamped pressure vessels are manufactured entirely in-house, tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure.

Handmade for Reliability

Priorclave North America is the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of Priorclave Laboratory Autoclaves. Priorclave Ltd. was founded by Charles Prior in 1988 in a modest manufacturing facility in London. The first autoclave ever built there is still in regular use, nearly 30 years later. Today, Priorclave is a global leader among lab and research autoclave manufacturers. 

Your Partner in Research

Selling you a good autoclave for a great price isn’t the end of our relationship; it’s the beginning. Click here to tell us more about what your facility needs, and how we can help.