Battling Fatbergs Here and Abroad

Our UK associates were delighted to see a pair of Priorclave research autoclaves featured in a recent episode of Blue Planet UK on BBC One: The noble task of those autoclaves?  Helping scientist breakdown and analyze a massive “fatberg” found clogging the sewers of Sidmouth (an otherwise lovely fishing village in South West England). Blue … Continue reading “Battling Fatbergs Here and Abroad”

The Number One Contaminant in Your Research Lab

There can be a fine line separating good research lab practice and voodoo compulsions. (“Loosely crimping” foil around the mouths of flasks and beakers prior to sterilization is a perfect example.)  But the core problem is one of assumptions.  Specifically, assumptions about the primary sources of contaminants in the lab. “One of the reasons that … Continue reading “The Number One Contaminant in Your Research Lab”