Food Safety Inspection Is the Front Line of Public Health

Check your reservations; tonight might be a night to dine at home. A few minutes of googling can save you a long, dark night (try searching “restaurant inspection reports” and the name of your county). As just one example, Oregon’s food safety inspection backlog is getting bigger every month, leaving the public vulnerable to a … Continue reading “Food Safety Inspection Is the Front Line of Public Health”

Special Sauce, Pathogens, and Tabletop Sterilizers

Chipotle screwed up. Big time.  And a quality control department with two techs and a decent tabletop sterilizer could have prevented it all. Between August and December 2015, almost 500 across the U.S. people became ill from three different pathogens — E. coli, Salmonella, and norovirus — after eating at Chipotle locations. The company is getting … Continue reading “Special Sauce, Pathogens, and Tabletop Sterilizers”