Taking on Zoonotic Disease

Even more so than human medical research, veterinary medical research has a wide range of facets, from investigating how to best alleviate the pain and suffering of individual animals, to addressing public health concerns raised by zoonosis (disease that can be transmitted between humans and other animals), to the economic effects created by a scarcity … Continue reading “Taking on Zoonotic Disease”

In the Wrong Hands, Jet Dryers Do More Harm than Good

What’s grosser than gross? Turns out it may not be that guy who didn’t wash his hands after using the restroom. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology reports that jet dryers (such as the Dyson Airblade) spread more germs than warm air dryers or paper towels. Rather than being a solution that is … Continue reading “In the Wrong Hands, Jet Dryers Do More Harm than Good”

Food Truck Food Safety: On the Road to Redemption

Can you trust the nosh you buy from food trucks? Once known as “roach coaches,” the twenty-first century marks a new era for food trucks. But have they shed their bad reputation faster than their bad habits? Customers are flocking to food trucks, many of which embrace a notoriously haute cuisine menu in a remarkably small footprint. … Continue reading “Food Truck Food Safety: On the Road to Redemption”