Research Lab Autoclave Safety: Sealed Bottles are Bombs

In August of 2001 a research lab autoclave was processing tightly capped 178 bottles using a 30-minute liquid load.  The autoclave began making unusual sounds, so a trio of lab workers aborted the cycle and investigated.  They opened the autoclave to discover a few bottles had burst.  There was some lost liquid and a lot … Continue reading “Research Lab Autoclave Safety: Sealed Bottles are Bombs”

A Gram of Prevention for Laboratories

Accidents happen! But when they happen in a lab, the damage can be disastrous. An emergency response guide with step-by-step procedures for handling common issues is de rigueur these days. But by the time you’re using the emergency response guide, it’s too late. Too late to save study material and data; too late to avoid … Continue reading “A Gram of Prevention for Laboratories”