Public Health Labs Reveal What’s Living in Your Water

While we’re all rubber-necking the Flint water-quality crisis, municipalities around the US are taking a closer look at their own aging infrastructures. Flint, Michigan, isn’t the only city turning up dangerous levels of impurities and contaminants: from Legionella in a Connecticut high school and at a Florida hospital, to E. coli at a Washington state elementary school and … Continue reading “Public Health Labs Reveal What’s Living in Your Water”

Legionella Research Can Afford No Shortcuts

Legionella has an old-fashioned ring to it, but this bacterium is causing pneumonia outbreaks (Legionnaires’ Disease and Pontiac Fever) in modern, urban areas like Brooklyn and Chicago. Spread by infected water vapor carried by cooling towers and HVAC systems, these Legionella outbreaks hit vulnerable populations — largely children and senior citizens — the hardest, sometimes leading to death. … Continue reading “Legionella Research Can Afford No Shortcuts”