Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave

Life sciences and medical research and development are notorously “recession-proof” in North America. Current forecasts from Deloitte, Mordor Intelligence, Azoth Analytics, and others project that various research sectors will continue to see anywhere from 6 to 21 percent annual growth over the coming decade. It’s no surprise that many traditional medical autoclave manufacturers are looking … Continue reading “Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave”

Earth Day Can Be Every Day in the Lab

On Earth Day, we renew our efforts to conserve energy, conserve water, reduce, reuse, and recycle. At home, it’s often easy enough with curbside pickup of recycling bins and Energy Star appliances available in many stores. But what about in the lab? Sometimes processes can be improved, like consolidating loads in the autoclave, turning off … Continue reading “Earth Day Can Be Every Day in the Lab”