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Being headquartered in the American Midwest, we’re taking the day off. To all of our U.S. customers, have a happy, restful, and well-fed Thanksgiving—and to all of our customers worldwide, we’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow! Need a last-minute recipe? We’ve got you covered!  🦃🍗  

Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving

Since we first mentioned it, the time-honored tradition of turkey autoclaving has continued to pick up steam. Craig Venter—among the first scientists to sequence the human genome—was doing it back in the ’70s (there’s a great anecdoteabout cooking a feisty 75-pounder (!!!) via autoclave in his memoir, A Life Decoded). As we mentioned last year, it’s fully … Continue reading “Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving”