Another Win for Sustainable (and Affordable) Research Lab Design

It’s been a great year for our friends at My Green Lab and their ACT Label!  The ACT Label provides lab managers others involved in research lab design and procurement with critical specifics about the environmental impact of laboratory products, as well as an easy-to-compare numerical summary, the “Environmental Impact Factor” (a lower EIF number means … Continue reading “Another Win for Sustainable (and Affordable) Research Lab Design”

Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact

For a quarter of a century you’ve been able to buy a kitchen fan that the EPA and Department of Energy have verified is efficient, even though 45% of the people who own them hardly use them.  Meanwhile, the average autoclave wastes almost an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of water each year, and no one … Continue reading “Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact”

Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises

African swine fever is a disease without cure or treatment that has a 90% mortality rate in pigs.  It’s currently affecting parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia, killing off backyard livestock that people rely on for food and trade. UC Davis Finds Solutions to African Swine Fever Esther Kukielka, a graduate student at … Continue reading “Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises”

Autoclaves Increase Biogas Production Threefold

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) — or biogas — is the quiet darling of alternative energy. It’s not a pretty process, fermenting organic waste materials like plant matter and manure to extract the methane, but it’s an affordable approach to renewable, sustainable, clean energy production that is gradually being implemented across the US. Scientists are already … Continue reading “Autoclaves Increase Biogas Production Threefold”

The Power of LEED

Your LEED certification is the beginning, not the end, of laboratory sustainability. Coming off our sponsorship of I2SL, the Priorclave NA team is all the more committed to ensuring that our products and practices are environmentally sustainable and support your quest for greater efficiency and sustainability – because it’s a fact: Your autoclave can create significant … Continue reading “The Power of LEED”