Your Lab Could Save 80% of the Water It Is Consuming

Conservation isn’t all about paper and plastic. In the western US (and other arid regions around the world), water is becoming more scarce every year, prompting people to get creative so they can maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. One undeniable sign is that Lake Mead, the reservoir that three arid states rely … Continue reading “Your Lab Could Save 80% of the Water It Is Consuming”

Desalination Brings Relief to California

Water scarcity affects over 700 million people around the world, according to David Talbot in the MIT Technology Review. By 2024, that number could grow to 1.8 billion—a 61% increase. Meanwhile, the western US is in the midst of a drought that has dragged on for four long, dry years. Not only are homes and businesses … Continue reading “Desalination Brings Relief to California”

California Mega Drought: Brief Blip or Decade-Long Diaster?

For the last six months hundreds of rural Californians have lived with dry taps, inflatable toilets, and not a drop of hot water. They eat fast food instead of cooking, because washing vegetables and boiling water for rice or beans requires too much water. They eat off of paper plates rather than use bottled water … Continue reading “California Mega Drought: Brief Blip or Decade-Long Diaster?”

Research-Grade Autoclaves: Saving Water on University Campuses

The west coast has been experiencing record-breaking drought conditions for over three years. According to the Wall Street Journal, many of the United States’ best-loved brands (e.g., Facebook, MillerCoors, etc.) are doing their part by adopting water-saving technologies. But university and research labs can do their part, too. All too often overlooked is the extremely high … Continue reading “Research-Grade Autoclaves: Saving Water on University Campuses”