Desalination Brings Relief to California

Water scarcity affects over 700 million people around the world, according to David Talbot in the MIT Technology Review. By 2024, that number could grow to 1.8 billion—a 61% increase. Meanwhile, the western US is in the midst of a drought that has dragged on for four long, dry years. Not only are homes and businesses … Continue reading “Desalination Brings Relief to California”

Research-Grade Autoclaves Are the Future of Sustainability in Labs

Priorclave North America is proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC). Our research-grade autoclaves are part of a sustainable future for higher ed labs, especially with the continuing rise of energy consumption and costs. People are looking for ways to use less electricity, gas, and water — whether from a … Continue reading “Research-Grade Autoclaves Are the Future of Sustainability in Labs”