Bad Benchtop Autoclave Installations

  Sometimes a bad benchtop autoclave installation is pretty straightforward: That drain valve looks pretty good—it’s taped, they’ve used a quality ball valve (which is much more reliable over the long term than a standard gate valve). But we sure hope no one left their car keys or phone in that drawer. Now, such SNAFUs … Continue reading “Bad Benchtop Autoclave Installations”

Keeping Your Autoclave Clean Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

A lot of factors can bring your autoclave down—a freak power outage, a ruptured container, metal fatigue. But a healthy portion of the service calls we see can be largely attributed to poor cleaning maintenance—repairs that are not covered by warranty, and can cost around $2500 in parts and labor. These breakdowns are totally avoidable. The … Continue reading “Keeping Your Autoclave Clean Can Save You Thousands of Dollars”

ERMAHGERD! Your autoclave is trashing your budget!

In a 2017 interview with the Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast My Green Lab executive director Allison Paradise noted that up to 50 percent of a lab’s funding is sucked up by utility and maintenance costs.  Autoclaves are a non-negligible contributor to these expenses.  For example, on average, a single college campus autoclave uses as … Continue reading “ERMAHGERD! Your autoclave is trashing your budget!”

Local Food Manufacturers Make Use of Autoclaves

Food doesn’t get much more local than mushrooms you grow inside your house. The Detroit Mushroom Factory, a two-person business operating out of a home in the North End neighborhood of Detroit, grows and sells gourmet mushrooms to restaurants and individuals in southeast Michigan. When Chris Carrier and Deana Wojcik decided to start this business … Continue reading “Local Food Manufacturers Make Use of Autoclaves”

Ground-Breaking Research on Autoclaved Peanuts

More than 3 million people in the US report having an allergy to peanuts—a number that has gone up dramatically in the past twenty years. A recent study led by Soheila J. Maleki, PhD of the USDA Agriculture Research Service found that roasting peanuts—the most popular preparation for this legume that masquerades as a nut—increases … Continue reading “Ground-Breaking Research on Autoclaved Peanuts”