Cambridge Scientists Mend Broken Hearts

Heart attacks are devastating, even for those who survive. During myocardial infarction, your heart is temporarily deprived of oxygen and the resulting tissue damage is impossible to reverse. A weak heart affects quality of life, not to mention your chances of surviving the next cardiac event. Scientists at the University of Cambridge, a Priorclave partner, … Continue reading “Cambridge Scientists Mend Broken Hearts”

Virginia Tech Develops New Therapies to Treat the Most Aggressive Brain Cancers

Glioblastomas are unrelenting. About half of those diagnosed with this highly malignant form of brain cancer die within two years of diagnosis. Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Tackles Hard Problems Priorclave partner Virginia Tech is pursuing new therapies to treat people with gliobastomas at its Carilion Research Institute. Michael J. Friedlander, founding executive director of the … Continue reading “Virginia Tech Develops New Therapies to Treat the Most Aggressive Brain Cancers”

The Most Brutal Threat to American Food Production

The news can talk a blue streak about GMOs and honey bee colony collapse, but the major 21st Century threat to agricultural production and food security is a problem as old as agriculture: soil salinity. Removing water from the soil (for example, through crop growth or evaporation) always leaves behind salts, which most plants don’t … Continue reading “The Most Brutal Threat to American Food Production”

Research Labs Can Save Energy, Money — and the Planet

Climate change doesn’t require your belief. Even if you want to bicker about causes, the effects are undeniable: melting polar ice rising ocean levels intensifying weather events shifting habitats warmer summers and colder winters While the Paris Agreement has yet to grow teeth, the acknowledgement by world leaders that something needs to be done is … Continue reading “Research Labs Can Save Energy, Money — and the Planet”

The Culture of Safety Starts With Good Training

We applaud the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) and the White House for taking initiative to close gaps in biosafety and biosecurity at infectious disease laboratories. A memorandum released October 2015 details how and when individual government agencies will implement the recommended changes. But are these enough? Based on our years of experience with autoclave … Continue reading “The Culture of Safety Starts With Good Training”