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Being headquartered in the American Midwest, we’re taking the day off. To all of our U.S. customers, have a happy, restful, and well-fed Thanksgivingā€”and to all of our customers worldwide, we’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow! Need a last-minute recipe? We’ve got you covered!Ā  šŸ¦ƒšŸ—  

Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving

Since we first mentioned it, the time-honored tradition of turkey autoclaving has continued to pick up steam. Craig Venterā€”among the first scientists to sequence the human genomeā€”was doing it back in the ’70s (there’s a great anecdoteaboutĀ cooking a feisty 75-pounder (!!!) via autoclaveĀ in his memoir, A Life Decoded). As we mentioned last year, it’s fully … Continue reading “Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving”

Thanksgiving Dinner Autoclave Style

Timing is everything when preparing a large meal. Unfortunately, for the truly epic holiday meals ā€“ like Thanksgiving ā€“ there never seems to be enough oven space to ensure everything arrives at the table steaming. Something has always cooled, collapsed, or coagulated before the turkey is ready to carve. This is where the autoclave comes … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Dinner Autoclave Style”