Remote Cycle Monitoring

Priorclave Remote Cycle Monitoring, Powered by Jellybean

Priorclave Remote Cycle Monitoring collects the most vital information about your Priorclave, stores this information in the cloud, and provides a web-based interface for it’s real-time display and/or collection, customized for your use.

Jellybean is currently available in three configurations, custom-tailored for steam sterilizers:


List Price: $700

Equipment data and/or status only



List Price: $1,500

Energy and/or water use only


Green Apple

List Price: $1,900

Energy and/or water use + Equipment data and/or status


Hardware, software, and services necessary to provide a web-based interface for the remote monitoring of autoclave cycle data over a Wi-Fi (or Ethernet) network. Includes customer defined interface configuration for cycle charting. Depending upon options fitted, cycle data can include temperature, pressure, cycle count, and water and energy usage. Local or off-site storage of data. Local or password protected web-based access of interface. Open platform software. Mobile device compatible. Pricing is per autoclave (Installation charges may apply). No additional monthly fees or recurring charges. Available for other equipment – additional charges may apply.

Data logs can be downloaded at any time. A maximum of 50MB of data can be stored. After this limit, the oldest data will be over-written automatically. Logging is limited to 100 data sets in a 15 minute window, or one data set every 9 seconds. If a private data server is selected, logging limits and data storage are only limited by customer’s hardware.

Base model energy and/or water monitoring includes EKM-OmniMeter I v.3 Universal Smart Meter, BCT-007-100 Current Transformers, and ¾” Stainless Steel Water Meter. Support for additional meters available.

Nominal Voltage Ranges: 120V to 480V, 2-wire, Single-phase, One Line & Neutral
120V to 480V, 3-wire, Single-phase, 2 Lines & Neutral
120V to 415V, 3-wire, 3-phase, 3 Lines, No Neutral
120V to 480V, 4-wire, 3-phase, 3 Lines and Neutral

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Received California Type Approval for revenue grade metering.