Pass Through Autoclaves

Decades of Experience and a Superior Design: Biosafety and cleanroom containment at a fair price

Pass Through AutoclavesDouble-ended “pass-through” autoclaves aren’t just for Ebola wards anymore. Over recent years Priorclave has seen”clean room” containment practices adopted in a wide variety of industries, ranging from biomedical research to semiconductor fabrication. Ever on the forefront of superior design, Priorclave has optimized to meet those diverse needs. Today, our pass-through autoclaves are used in universities, mobile military facilities, BSL-3 (biosafety level 3) containment suites, and research labs dedicated to West Nile and avian flu, pharmaceuticals, entomology, industrial product development, and more.

Product Data Sheet

Each of our pass-through sterilizers is custom built. The Tactrol control panel can be mounted either inside or outside the containment area (depending on the application), as can any data ports or the hardware printer. Pressure interlocks, thermal safety locks, and double-door interlock mechanisms prevent any inadvertent cycle disruptions or breaching of containment integrity.

Pass Through Autoclave by PriorclaveWe regularly outfit our BSL-3 pass-through autoclaves with Effluent Retention systems. These are required by law in some biosafety contexts, but also valuable in non-BSL settings where waste loads are frequently processed. This system includes placing a 0.05 micron filter in the vent outlet to prevent organisms—including viruses—from escaping the autoclave in vapor. All condensate is then collected and held in the hottest part of the chamber, so that it is sterilized during the cycle.

While other autoclave manufacturers have climbed aboard the pass-through sterilizer bandwagon only recently—and at a premium—we’ve been on the wagon all along, offering a line of flexible pass-through choices with all of the sophisticated containment and safety features you expect from units twice as expensive.

150-Liter Pass-Through Autoclave

Our 150L double-ended sterilizer is the most compact research-grade pass-through autoclave available today, and offers some of the fastest processing times in this application. Perfect for BSL-3 or BSL-4 labs, regional Ebola wards, mobile facilities, and the like.

200-Liter Pass-Through Autoclave

The 200L trades cycle-speed for increased volume, resulting in a roomy pass-through autoclave offering the best value, in terms of cost per cubic inch of sterilization. A good fit for industrial and research applications, especially labs and facilities with fixed daily sterilization tasks, like end-of-day waste loads.

320-Liter Pass-Through Autoclave

This is our highest-throughput double-ended autoclave, offering faster processing times than the 200L with significantly larger dimensions. Ideal for larger loads, busy labs, or large biomedical facilities that require absolute containment.

Selecting Your Pass-Through Autoclave

Since every Priorclave pass-through sterilizer is tailor made, there’s no reason to have to settle for anything short of a perfect fit. Frequent consideration when installing a pass-through autoclave include:

  • Direction of flow through the autoclave
  • Door orientation
  • Types of items being sterilized
  • Cycle frequency
  • Control configuration (including whether or not you need a printer for hardcopy record keeping)
  • Position of water and power supplies, drains, and other mechanicals
  • Warranty—Priorclave offers an industry-exclusive 36-month limited parts and labor warranty with an additional 20-year pressure vessel guarantee
  • Service contracts and technical support—Priorclave backs every unit with lifetime free technical support

Give us a call. Let’s discuss what you and your facility need from a pass-through autoclave.

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