Front Loading Autoclaves

Reliable One-Button Sterilization for Years on End

It’s a thermodynamic fact: A front-loading autoclave with a traditional cylindrical vessel is the best option available for research, education, and quality assurance facilities. Priorclave is one of the very few companies offering high-quality free-standing cylindrical front-loading autoclaves. Priorclave sterilizers are optimized for research applications and offer:

  • Exceptional water and energy savings
  • Industry-favored computerized control systems lauded for both flexibility and ease-of-operation
  • Streamlined design and construction absolutely minimizing maintenance headaches
  • Low-maintenance reliability

Each of these qualities is core to our entire catalog of front loading autoclaves, including the 400 liter autoclave320 liter autoclave, 200 liter autoclave, 150 liter autoclave, 100 liter autoclave, and the 150I electrically heated stackable autoclave.