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Being headquartered in the American Midwest, we’re taking the day off. To all of our U.S. customers, have a happy, restful, and well-fed Thanksgiving—and to all of our customers worldwide, we’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow! Need a last-minute recipe? We’ve got you covered!  🦃🍗  

Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving

Since we first mentioned it, the time-honored tradition of turkey autoclaving has continued to pick up steam. Craig Venter—among the first scientists to sequence the human genome—was doing it back in the ’70s (there’s a great anecdoteabout cooking a feisty 75-pounder (!!!) via autoclave in his memoir, A Life Decoded). As we mentioned last year, it’s fully … Continue reading “Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving”

Earth Day Can Be Every Day in the Lab

On Earth Day, we renew our efforts to conserve energy, conserve water, reduce, reuse, and recycle. At home, it’s often easy enough with curbside pickup of recycling bins and Energy Star appliances available in many stores. But what about in the lab? Sometimes processes can be improved, like consolidating loads in the autoclave, turning off … Continue reading “Earth Day Can Be Every Day in the Lab”

Who Can Americans Trust with Food Safety?

Salmonella, E. coli, and listeria are invisible invaders, making supermarkets a scary place. Behind a facade of bright packaging and colorful produce lurks the possibility of bacterial infections that can sicken, even kill. Americans are not notorious for their healthful eating habits — and it’s hard to convince folks to eat more salad if they’re … Continue reading “Who Can Americans Trust with Food Safety?”

Sterilizing Prion-Contaminated Waste in Just 11 E-Z Steps!

Any facility regularly handling prions needs a good sterilization protocol. Reliable sources suggest the following minimum inactivation protocol for prion-exposed items: Carefully place prion-contaminated item in appropriate autoclave waste bag Place bag in properly sized solid-bottomed autoclave tray Place tray in autoclave Close autoclave lid Process load at 132°C for 1 hour in a gravity … Continue reading “Sterilizing Prion-Contaminated Waste in Just 11 E-Z Steps!”