Do I Need an “ASME-stamped” Autoclave Sterilizer?

Many lab and facility managers are unsure whether or not they need to worry about their steam autoclave sterilizer being “ASME-stamped.” Short Answer: Yes, Always Buy an Autoclave Sterilizer Built to ASME Standards Play it safe and look for the ASME stamp. First and foremost, it’s a matter of life safety: a faulty autoclave sterilizer … Continue reading “Do I Need an “ASME-stamped” Autoclave Sterilizer?”

Autoclave Sterilizer Explainer: What is an “ASME stamp”?

Having an “ASME stamped” pressure vessel is one of the key price differentiators for an autoclave sterilizer. The is especially the case with the smaller autoclaves marketed towards start-up research labs, microbrewers, and the cannabis industry. As a rule, autoclave sterilizers that don’t have an ASME stamp are going to be cheaper—and, as always, you … Continue reading “Autoclave Sterilizer Explainer: What is an “ASME stamp”?”

Trends in Retort Processing: Goodbye Canned Food, Hello “Retort Pouches”

For hundreds of years retort processing (i.e., “canning”) has made it possible to prepare spaghetti sauce in minutes—instead of hours—eat tuna regardless of how many thousands of miles you live from an ocean, and have veggies year-round. In terms of the production workflow and equipment, food and beverage retort processing has changed very little since … Continue reading “Trends in Retort Processing: Goodbye Canned Food, Hello “Retort Pouches””

Bad Benchtop Autoclave Installations

  Sometimes a bad benchtop autoclave installation is pretty straightforward: That drain valve looks pretty good—it’s taped, they’ve used a quality ball valve (which is much more reliable over the long term than a standard gate valve). But we sure hope no one left their car keys or phone in that drawer. Now, such SNAFUs … Continue reading “Bad Benchtop Autoclave Installations”

Harnessing Bioluminescence for Responsible Alcohol Consumption

  “O thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil! … [T]hat men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains!”—William Shakespeare Alcohol is a double threat: It not only impairs reaction times and cognitive abilities, but also judgement. In other … Continue reading “Harnessing Bioluminescence for Responsible Alcohol Consumption”