Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises

African swine fever is a disease without cure or treatment that has a 90% mortality rate in pigs.  It’s currently affecting parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia, killing off backyard livestock that people rely on for food and trade. UC Davis Finds Solutions to African Swine Fever Esther Kukielka, a graduate student at … Continue reading “Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises”

What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave

University facility managers often contact us with an odd request: They need an affordable, efficient lab autoclave for a research facility—but they say that autoclave will need to run nearly constantly during the workday, all year round. While 24/7/365 operation is totally normal throughput for a medical-grade autoclave in a busy hospital, in our years … Continue reading “What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave”

Double-Door Pass-Through Autoclaves: A Sterilization Solution

Sadly, the Ebola epidemic has not waned in Africa, nor remained contained. It has made its way to US soil—albeit with a very limited number of incidents—and is driving a fundamental reassessment of how medical waste is handled. The Ebola virus is essentially a string of genetic material wrapped in a protein jacket. It cannot … Continue reading “Double-Door Pass-Through Autoclaves: A Sterilization Solution”