What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave

University facility managers often contact us with an odd request: They need an affordable, efficient lab autoclave for a research facility—but they say that autoclave will need to run nearly constantly during the workday, all year round. While 24/7/365 operation is totally normal throughput for a medical-grade autoclave in a busy hospital, in our years … Continue reading “What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave”

Double-Door Pass-Through Autoclaves: A Sterilization Solution

Sadly, the Ebola epidemic has not waned in Africa, nor remained contained. It has made its way to US soil—albeit with a very limited number of incidents—and is driving a fundamental reassessment of how medical waste is handled. The Ebola virus is essentially a string of genetic material wrapped in a protein jacket. It cannot … Continue reading “Double-Door Pass-Through Autoclaves: A Sterilization Solution”