Thanksgiving Traditions🦃🍂🥧

Priorclave is a UK-based company, but Priorclave North America is headquartered in the American Heartland—and is taking the day off to be with family, friends, and community. To all of our U.S. customers: Have a happy, restful, and well-fed Thanksgiving.🦃🍗😄 (Need a last-minute recipe? We’ve got you covered! ) And to all of our customers worldwide: … Continue reading “Thanksgiving Traditions🦃🍂🥧”

Battling Fatbergs Here and Abroad

Our UK associates were delighted to see a pair of Priorclave research autoclaves featured in a recent episode of Blue Planet UK on BBC One: The noble task of those autoclaves?  Helping scientist breakdown and analyze a massive “fatberg” found clogging the sewers of Sidmouth (an otherwise lovely fishing village in South West England). Blue … Continue reading “Battling Fatbergs Here and Abroad”

Reducing Lab Autoclave Cycle Times for Liquids

Power users are resigned to the fact that there are no “standard” lab autoclave cycle times (especially for liquids!)  They know that a little planning and programming can generally prevent autoclave traffic jams—but is that all there is? Not any more:  Priorclave is taking action to speed cycle times for everyone. A Quick Lab Autoclave Configuration … Continue reading “Reducing Lab Autoclave Cycle Times for Liquids”

Another Win for Sustainable (and Affordable) Research Lab Design

It’s been a great year for our friends at My Green Lab and their ACT Label!  The ACT Label provides lab managers others involved in research lab design and procurement with critical specifics about the environmental impact of laboratory products, as well as an easy-to-compare numerical summary, the “Environmental Impact Factor” (a lower EIF number means … Continue reading “Another Win for Sustainable (and Affordable) Research Lab Design”

Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact

For a quarter of a century you’ve been able to buy a kitchen fan that the EPA and Department of Energy have verified is efficient, even though 45% of the people who own them hardly use them.  Meanwhile, the average autoclave wastes almost an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of water each year, and no one … Continue reading “Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact”