Prosthetic Life Cycle Testing Made Easier is Better

The deeper into the body surgeons and engineers must go to install prosthetics, the more crucial it is that installation must go right the first time and that device remain reliable over the long haul. To avoid surgical do-overs, prosthetics must be rigorously tested and meticulously placed. One thing we learned from talking to research labs … Continue reading “Prosthetic Life Cycle Testing Made Easier is Better”

100 Autoclaves and Counting!

Five years ago we set out on a mission: to deliver the best laboratory autoclaves and services in North America. Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve completed an important milestone in that journey: our 100th North American installation at E Green Americas in Plymouth, Minnesota. We achieved this goal while maintaining a 100% Customer Satisfaction … Continue reading “100 Autoclaves and Counting!”