Autoclave Energy Savings: What Really Makes a Difference?

We get many questions about autoclave energy savings. This isn’t surprising: Research labs generally use three to four times more energy that similar-sized office spaces. The primary culprits: Devices responsible for heating or cooling, “always-on” equipment, and anything with a 3-phase power supply. So if you’re looking to cut your lab’s energy (not to mention … Continue reading “Autoclave Energy Savings: What Really Makes a Difference?”

Your Sterilizer Machine Maintenance Plan

As we’ve noted in the past, developing just three good sterilizer machine habits can easily save you thousands of dollars. But if you want to get the most out of your autoclave (and stay on the right side of best-practices, industry standards, and government recommendations and regulations) you need a maintenance plan with a little … Continue reading “Your Sterilizer Machine Maintenance Plan”

Autoclave Sterilizer Explainer: What is an “ASME stamp”?

Having an “ASME stamped” pressure vessel is one of the key price differentiators for an autoclave sterilizer. The is especially the case with the smaller autoclaves marketed towards start-up research labs, microbrewers, and the cannabis industry. As a rule, autoclave sterilizers that don’t have an ASME stamp are going to be cheaper—and, as always, you … Continue reading “Autoclave Sterilizer Explainer: What is an “ASME stamp”?”

Disposable Plastics: Single-Use Medical Devices vs. Better Autoclave Procedures

The healthcare industry has an established way to deal with hard-to-sterilize medical instruments: disposable plastics Although single-use disposable plastics are under fire (consider the “war on drinking straws“), it’s important to keep in mind that modern disposable plastics literally save millions of lives annually: I keep seeing people advocating for the ban of all single-use … Continue reading “Disposable Plastics: Single-Use Medical Devices vs. Better Autoclave Procedures”

The Right Autoclave for Tissue Culture Cannabis Production

Tissue culture cannabis micropropagation seems like nothing but win-win-win: Higher productivity (and thus greater profits) in a smaller space with more reliable genetics and heartier plants.  This time lapse video shows three days of tissue culture cannabis growth in the lab: The catch?  In order to get those reliable genetics you need “pharmaceutical-grade cleanliness,” a true … Continue reading “The Right Autoclave for Tissue Culture Cannabis Production”