Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave

Life sciences and medical research and development are notorously “recession-proof” in North America. Current forecasts from Deloitte, Mordor Intelligence, Azoth Analytics, and others project that various research sectors will continue to see anywhere from 6 to 21 percent annual growth over the coming decade. It’s no surprise that many traditional medical autoclave manufacturers are looking … Continue reading “Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave”

Does Your Autoclave Need a Check-up — Or a Trade-in?

We have a tendency to assume that, as long as our autoclave is producing sterile loads, it’s running fine.  But that doesn’t really stand to reason: All devices begin to drift over time, and the more complex the device, the more factors can stack up to bring it wildly out of spec.  Even when these … Continue reading “Does Your Autoclave Need a Check-up — Or a Trade-in?”