Meeting the Unique Needs of Canadian Autoclave Owners

Local, provincial, and federal compliance

Regulatory compliance is a major concern for Canadian autoclave owners. Canada Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Regulations, Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations, European standards, insurance standards, various provincial Boiler and Pressure Vessel Acts, the newly enforced board registration system–it’s a complicated, sometimes contradictory, patchwork. And few autoclave manufacturers are interested in understanding it, let alone rising to meet these expectations.

Meeting and Exceeding the Requirements for Autoclaves in Canada

Priorclave is eager to help you with any documentation you need to satisfy local, provincial, and federal agencies. All Priorclave autoclaves comply with current US, UK, and EU safety regulations, and they’re manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Our autoclaves and control systems are EMC certified, ETL listed (with Third Edition certification), and feature ASME-stamped pressure vessels. These pressure vessels are manufactured entirely in-house, in our South London (England) facility, are individually tested to 1.5 times their maximum working pressure before leaving the factory, and carry a 20-year warranty. They have full insurance approval for pressure vessel design and construction, and are CE Marked under the Pressure Equipment Directive PD5500:2000 Cat 3 (Certificate Number SS42059010-2 Rev 1). They also conform to the general requirements of BS 2646 and are CE Marked for BS EN61010-2-41, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Some models already carry a Canadian Registration Number (CRN), and we’ve placed autoclaves in nearly every Canadian province, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Ontario, and Québec. Please contact us for further information if the CRN is a requirement in your province.

The Ideal Canadian Autoclave Needs Minimal Service

The secret to keeping Canadian autoclaves up and running is to design the unit, from the ground up, to be rugged, easy to maintain, and easy to service. Priorclave North America designs every unit–from our smallest benchtop sterilizer to fully custom pass-through installations–to have the absolute minimum number of moving parts, relying only on standard components (no proprietary valves, fittings, or sensors here). On top of that, our advanced Tactrol Control System makes remote diagnosis and troubleshooting a breeze. Coupled with our free lifetime technical support, you can keep your autoclave running for years without a pricey service contract or maintenance hassles.

In 2015 ALS Environmental, in Winnipeg, decided to reorganize their lab, which meant moving their large Priorclave 320L front-loading autoclave. Such moves can be highly disruptive, and possibly disastrous: Many leading autoclave manufacturers cling to “medical-grade” autoclave designs that require a large number of moving parts and relatively complex, often delicate, plumbing schemes. Medical-grade steam sterilizes that have been in service for several years often never work properly again after being moved.

Because ALS Environmental opted for a rugged research-grade autoclave–which is wheel-mounted, relies on few moving parts, is plumbed with flexible hoses, and has a lower overall weight due to its cylindrical chamber and low part count–the lab staff successfully completed the entire move themselves, with little downtime, and zero disasters.