Priorclave Wins New Export Orders

Priorclave Wins New Export Orders

Priorclave Wins New Export OrdersScientist Live Covers Priorclave’s Activity In The World Autoclave Market

For British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave export plays a key and increasingly active role to its overall business growth, currently enjoying major success throughout Asia and the Middle East. Recently it was awarded a United Arab Emirates contract to supply 27, compact C40 steam sterilizers from the companies standard product range. Models to be shipped feature a vacuum drying facility that will ultimately improve overall performance cycle-time to increase throughput.

The C40 bench top Priorclave is proving to be a popular export model, its compact size of just 520mmx610mmx650mm whilst offering a large 40L circular pressurized chamber is attracting interest from many laboratories in food and heath-care markets. Since the C40 operates from a standard UK 13A power supply, once unpacked the autoclave can be operational within minutes, easy step-by-step programming guides an operator through a simplified set-up procedure for the sterilization process to begin.

Priorclave also provides comprehensive worldwide after-sales support including servicing and maintenance to ensure clients maximize the effectiveness of their sterilization processing.

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