Autoclave Suppliers

Most autoclave suppliers drive buyers toward medical-grade sterilizers–high-margin units that typically require an expensive service contract. Unfortunately, for inherent design reasons, these units often prove unreliable in the non-medical settings common to modern research and industrial applications.

Priorclave’s sole focus is on designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly efficient, highly reliable, low-maintenance steam sterilizers.  Over the course of the last several decades this has made us the autoclave supplier of choice for research and government facilities, educational institution, microbiology labs, quality assurance departments, and the like.

A Different Breed of Autoclave Supplier

Founded in 1988 in Southeast London, Priorclave got its start by engineering innovative laboratory autoclaves and climatic test chambers with copper pressure vessels. These quickly found a following among food manufacturers, and Priorclave established itself as the sterilizer supplier of choice for facilities with advanced quality assurance and microbiological testing programs. Over the intervening years Priorclave has steadily expanded its product line, which now features 316L stainless-steel pressure vessels on all models. Meanwhile, Priorclave also developed the advanced Tactrol autoclave control system, which is likewise standard on all models, including benchtop autoclaves.

Autoclave Supplier for Growing Industries

A standard medical-grade autoclave is a 900-pound behemoth that can use up to four gallons of water per minute for a 60 to 90 minute cycle. It’s not at all unusual for a medical-grade sterilizer to consume 90 to 180 gallons of water over the course of a single cycle. As buyers have become increasingly sensitive to energy consumption, environmental impact, and the total cost of ownership of their facilities, some medical-grade autoclave suppliers have begun to offer optional “water conservation systems”–at a cost premium. These do reduce water consumption, but the fundamental design remains the same, and barrels of water still pour straight down the drain.

Meanwhile, Priorclave has invested significant research and development into supplying an entirely different breed of sterilizer. The pressure vessels on these units are just one-third the weight of their medical-grade counterparts (given the same volume) and can consume as little as four gallons of water for an entire cycle. All told, Priorclave is a sterilizer supplier offering autoclaves that use one-third the energy, and far less water, than its medical-grade counterpart.

Priorclave has built a reputation by producing the most efficient and reliable autoclaves on the market. The industry-lauded Tactrol control system allows for easy and flexible cycle customization.  Delayed Start and cycle scheduling make it easy to conserve valuable lab time. Because of their simple and elegant design, Priorclave steam sterilizers require a fraction of the components of their medical-grade counterparts, greatly reducing service costs and the likelihood of break-down.

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Certifications and Qualifications

As a premium autoclave supplier, Priorclave’s manufacturing facilities carry the following certifications and qualifications:

  • ISO9001:2008 Quality System certification for Boilers and Process Plant Fabrication, Precision Machining and General Fabrication, Electrical Instruments and Control Systems, and Equipment Installation and Service
  • Monitored approval of vessel design and welding procedures to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
  • European Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC
  • Full EMC Compliance Testing
  • UKAS Accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory for calibration and performance testing of autoclaves