Free Energy and Water Study

Includes Internet-Based Equipment Monitoring

Do you have an older model steam sterilizer, and are concerned it might be using too much energy and water, even as it sits idle? Are you hoping to replace it someday – sooner rather than later? My Green Lab might be able to help!

mygreenlablogoMy Green Lab has partnered with Priorclave North America to provide a unique opportunity for qualified institutions: a free one-year lab autoclave energy and water study.  

Priorclave will do all the work – install the equipment, set up an Internet-based monitoring solution, and help you to document the results. Together with this new data, we’ll help to write the business case to justify the replacement of that dreadfully inefficient lab sterilizer. All you have to do is become a member of My Green Lab, a 501(c)3 organization that’s working to reduce the environmental impact of laboratories.

If this is an offer you think your team might respond to, please let us know! Successful candidates will have a well maintained 16”x16”x29” or 20”x20”x38” rectangular autoclave, with an independent steam generator, that is 5 – 20 years old.

Apply now, and on Earth Day next year you could be writing the bid specification for your new (energy and water efficient) sterilizer!

Contact us or call (800) 748-1459 using the code: EnergyStudy2016. We’ll help to evaluate your current installation, and, if you qualify, take advantage of this limited-time free energy and water study offer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

–The Priorclave North America Team