Autoclaves for Sale in North America

When North American buyers seek out autoclaves for sale, they are bombarded with pitches for medical-grade sterilizers. It’s like a Google search for “bicycle” yielding nothing but listings trumpeting the indispensable virtues of a Lance Armstrong Trek Madone 6.9–great for running the Tour De France, but at $9,000, it’s much more bike than most buyers want or need.

Autoclaves are no different: While a very few North American buyers need the complexity of a medical-grade autoclave, the vast majority are better served by a research-grade autoclave.

Laboratory Autoclaves for Sale

Over the course of three decades as an autoclave supplier, Priorclave has specialized in manufacturing research-grade autoclaves for the education, life science, industrial, and food and beverage markets. Priorclave subsequently offers a much broader, and more flexible product line, and is able to take on custom design challenges far afield of most medical applications.

Priorclave autoclaves are designed to be operated safely by non-specialists, making them a perfect fit for education and quality-control facilities. Priorclave autoclaves are the only sterilizers for sale in North America offering the security and safety provided by Quickseal II Single-action Doors and Permission-based Door Release (which prevent the sterilizer from being opened mid-cycle), as well as Biomaster Antimicrobial Surfaces.

Lower Lifecycle Costs

Owing to superior engineering, manufacturing, and programming flexibility, Priorclave autoclaves are significantly less expensive to purchase, install, and operate than comparable medical-grade autoclaves. They use less water, less electricity, and fewer staff hours without sacrificing verifiable and consistent results. This doesn’t just mean lower installation and operating costs, it also means more productive labs and a greener workplace. Non-medical facilities looking for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification are unlikely to qualify for the more prestigious certification levels if they inadvertently purchase a sterilizer designed for a medical setting; why install low-flow toilets and high-efficiency light fixtures, only to pour hot water down the drain all day?

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Unfortunately, most medium to large industrial autoclaves for sale in North America are maintenance-intensive medical-grade sterilizers. These high-performance machines are intended to run 24 hour per day, 365-days per year. They require frequent maintenance, calibration, and performance verification by certified technicians. For example, most hospitals prefer a medical autoclave with a powered vertical sliding door. The seals on such doors need to be replaced up to four times per year; compare that to a Priorclave Quickseal II Single-action Door, with seals that last three years. Even worse, when medical-grade autoclaves are placed in light-duty applications with just a few cycles per day, or not kept “hot“ around the clock, their maintenance requirements can actually increase.

Since frequent servicing is an operational reality and expectation in the world of medical-grade sterilizers, medical autoclave manufacturers often see themselves as technicians selling an expensive service contract, instead of engineers manufacturing a superior product.

Contact Us for Help Evaluating Your Needs

Are you about to buy a medical-grade autoclave for an education or quality control facility? When every autoclave for sale seems to be an expensive behemoth with a platinum service plan, it can be hard to tell what’s right for you. Call us for a free, impartial evaluation of your facility’s sterilization requirements.