Lifetime Technical Support and Consultation

Everyone dreads calling tech support. Most companies delegate all customer contact to generic call centers and undertrained temp workers. The small number of companies offering useful tech support do so only for customers with a current—and often pricey—service contract (or spend half the call trying to up-sell you one).

When you call Priorclave, the person who answers the phone has actual autoclave experience, as well as the direct support of our factory design and engineering team. You won’t sit on hold for 20 minutes or get transferred six times. You’ll never have to reach for your wallet, because you don’t need a “service contract”—we aren’t going to try and sell you one.

We just want to help you get back to work.

Free Lifetime Technical Support and Consultation

At Priorclave we don’t just stand by our products; we stand by our clients. Every Priorclave unit ships with lifetime technical support at no additional charge. We’re happy to address any issue at any time.

And this isn’t limited to fixing things when something goes wrong. The bulk of our support is customer support: offering advice on best practices, sterilizer procedures, load and cycle validation, and specific techniques for various load types. Do you need a knowledgeable sounding board? Give us a call. Having trouble with a tricky load or task? Our free technical support also includes preparing custom Tactrol programs to suit your specific needs.

Remote Diagnostics

Our latest sterilizers offer remote diagnostics, making it possible to diagnose problems remotely via email. Many of these repairs can be performed by your staff or a contractor. We can ship the parts you need—often with next-day delivery (depending on your facility’s location).

We also offer repair and maintenance services for every autoclave we install. With remote diagnostics, our techs arrive to fix the problem, not just diagnose it. Our goal is to minimize your hassle and downtime.

Our Technical Support team is here to support you and your staff, not our own bottom line. Contact Us, and then get back to work.

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