Preventative Maintenance and Sterilizer Service Plans

Warranty Service Plans—Optional, Recommended

A research-grade autoclave should be rugged enough to survive regular operation without constant coddling. If you run fewer than five cycles per day, it’s unlikely your Priorclave would ever need emergency service (especially if you take a few routine precautions). But if your application is especially sensitive, complex, or calls for many daily cycles, our three-year warranty service plan may be right for you.

Autoclave Warranty Service Plan at a Glance

Our three-year warranty service preventative sterilizer service plan includes:

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Validation of the warranty
  • Two maintenance visits per year
  • Discounted additional on-site service: $180/hour (time on site) plus travel (as applicable)
  • 15% discount on all parts and consumables
  • Priority technical support

In contrast to many autoclave manufacturers and suppliers, Priorclave does not mandate that all sterilizer service contracts be continuous from the original date of installation1. If you start out small and don’t need a service contract, then don’t buy one. But if you foresee growth in operation or your needs becoming more demanding, give us a call. We recommend the three-year service plan to ensure warranty compliance.

Autoclave Warranty Service Plan Details

Priorclave’s three-year preventative maintenance sterilizer service plan is designed to maximize the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of your autoclave. It begins with installation and commissioning by a Priorclave Authorized Service Agent and includes two scheduled visits per year for the duration of the warranty. This technician will complete a thorough 54-point safety and operation check, making all necessary adjustments, as well as installing any upgrades to the Tactrol Control System software, and walking your staff through any operational changes. While on site, the technician will also answer any questions you have, troubleshoot any issues you are having with problem loads, and help you modify any existing programs or configure new cycles.

If replacement parts are required for your autoclave, your approval will be sought before any repairs are begun. All parts installed by our technicians or purchased directly from Priorclave North America during the period of your service plan are discounted 15% from current list prices. For autoclaves within the warranty period there is no charge for parts (please note that this does not include consumables—such as silicone lid gaskets and wandering thermocouples—or damage caused by user error, accidents, spillage, or the effects of a hard water supply).

At the end of the visit, a completed Maintenance Report and Service Checklist will be presented for your approval and records. Such documentation may be required by your Quality Assurance processes, insurance company, local regulators, etc.

Benefits of the Preventative Autoclave Service Plan:

  • Validation of the warranty
  • NO HIDDEN EXTRAS: The scheduled preventative maintenance visits are inclusive of all site time, mileage, travel time, and warrantied parts
  • All sterilizer service calls are performed by Priorclave-trained engineers, fully experienced with our ASME-stamped pressure vessels, closure assemblies, control systems, and software
  • Each maintenance visit includes on-site operation and maintenance training sessions (at your discretion; no additional fee)
  • Discounted calibration service may be added to a scheduled maintenance visit

Shorter contracts and multi-unit discounts are available. Please contact our Service Department for more details:

  • (800) 748-1459
  • (888) 506-3650 fax

1 Provided the autoclave has a valid warranty, or had a valid warranty previously and has only been serviced in accordance with Priorclave autoclave maintenance best-practices since. Service contracts do not extend existing warranties or re-initiate an expired warranty.