Routine Autoclave Service

Three Tricks Will Save you Thousands of Dollars Each Year

Taking these three steps will prolong the lifespan of your autoclave and absolutely minimize service and maintenance calls:

  1. USE TRAYS: Spills in the sterilizing chamber make for an unpleasant workplace, and also clog drains and valves. Always use trays.
  2. USE HIGH QUALITY WATER: This doesn’t have to be specially purified, just softened (if necessary) and filtered to prevent sediment and scale from building up in your autoclave’s plumbing.
  3. INSPECT EVERY SIX MONTHS: This can be as easy as looking for evidence of leaks near the unit, then pulling the panels and running an empty cycle to see if anything drips. (Training autoclave owners to do their own inspections is a standard part of our First-Class Turnkey Installation Service.)

Routine Operator Maintenance

A few simple maintenance tasks, performed regularly by the autoclave operator, will greatly increase the longevity of your autoclave, reducing or eliminating unexpected downtime. These procedures (covered in detail in the model-specific Operation Manual that comes with each Priorclave) include daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual tasks:


    • Begin each day by checking the water level and confirming that your autoclave chamber is free of debris


    • Wipe down the autoclave exterior
    • Check (and possibly grease) door gaskets
    • Confirm that the door closes firmly and smoothly
    • Confirm that the Tactrol control panel is functioning
    • Check that the drain is completely clear


    • Drain any standing water from the chamber and wipe down the autoclave (inside and out)
    • Confirm that cycles are running properly


    • Clean and lubricate hinges
    • Clean chamber of scale build-up (if any)
    • Check temperature controls and pressure gauge

Factory Service and Autoclave Repairs

If disaster does strike, Priorclave is ready to get you up and running in short order. Every unit we ship is covered by a 36-month parts-and-labor warranty, our ASME-stamped pressure vessels are backed with an unparalleled 20-year guarantee, and we support every unit with our free lifetime 24/7 technical support.

We offer competitively priced repair services, and comprehensive Annual Preventative Maintenance and Autoclave Service Plans, as well as Autoclave Calibration Services.

Autoclave Calibration Services

In addition to repair and maintenance services, Priorclave technicians can also perform on-site temperature and pressure accuracy confirmation and calibration.

Every Priorclave unit is temperature and pressure calibrated at the factory prior to shipping. Units installed by our technicians are confirmed and, if need be, re-calibrated upon installation. Most units will never need to be calibrated again. But some operations, applications, and settings (such as labs located at high altitudes or in harsh conditions) may call for occasional on-site calibration.

For more details, please contact our Service Department: