IQ/OQ/PQ Services

Priorclave North America is pleased to offer a full suite of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) services—just a few of the core autoclave support and maintenance services we offer for Priorclave customers.  If you opt for any Priorclave IQ/OQ/PQ services, your warranty is automatically validated as part of the process.

  • Please note: In accordance with regulations our technicians are not permitted to disable or disengage any autoclave safety mechanism to expedite the IQ/OQ/PQ testing procedures.

Installation Qualification goes a step beyond our normal installation service, and can be completed by any Priorclave North America authorized service agent. Priorclave and the service agent will work with you in advance to establish a detailed installation specification (including positioning, utility connections, the operating environment, etc.), so that the service agent can verify compliance at the time of installation.

Operational Qualification similarly exceeds the standard system check included with our normal installation service, and can be completed by any Priorclave authorized service agent at any time. The service agent will program and run a set of user-defined and standard cycles (specified by you), to confirm compliance with time/temperature tolerance, defined program behavior, etc.

IQ and OQ testing are traditionally performed together at the time of installation or soon thereafter, but can be performed independently or at a later date—inquire for details.

  • Fee for IQ and OQ Services: $1,185, plus travel
    • (Price includes preparation of all necessary documentation and certificates)

Performance Qualification provides a means for assessing and verifying the efficiency and efficacy of your autoclave cycles against the actual loads that you intend to process. You will need to coordinate with Priorclave North America in advance and submit detailed specifications for the representative load(s) to be sterilized. The performance qualification itself must be completed by an audited, UKAS-certified engineer sent from our London manufacturing facility.  This engineer will connect a sophisticated 12 channel recorder/logger to the autoclave. Each of the 12 thermocouples are then strategically positioned to record temperatures from the most suitable locations (which will vary by load and autoclave configuration).

During the autoclave cycle a thermal profile of the chamber and load condition is produced.  This is used to establish the efficiency of many aspects of the autoclave settings in use, including:

  • Adequate air removal/steam penetration
  • Sterilizing temperature
  • Process time setting
  • Calibration accuracy
  • Thermal safety lock release temperature (to optimize cycle times)

Our engineer will then discuss with you any improvements or changes that may be beneficial for the quality of sterilization or productivity, and make any changes to the programming system that may be advantageous (at no additional fee). Performance qualification can also be used as part of a formal risk assessment, which may help you to improve your turnaround times or meet other local, state, federal, departmental, insurance, oversight, or compliance requirements.

  • Fee for UKAS-certified PQ services: $1,800/day, plus travel and expense
    • (Price includes preparation of all necessary documentation and certificates)

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to estimate the number of days required for PQ testing.