There are three classes of consumables for Priorclave sterilizers:

1. Deodorizing Capsules

It’s a fact of life: Sterilizers stink.This is not always the case, but especially in life science laboratories, the odorless sterilizer is the exception, not the rule. We stock three varieties of competitively priced deodorizing capsules. Think “industrial-strength bath beads”: These heat-activated, water-soluble capsules are loaded with concentrated essential oils. Operators can either add capsules to waste loads, or run a capsule through an otherwise empty autoclave as part of your weekly cleaning regimen.

2. Printer Ribbon and Printer Paper Rolls

Many labs need to be able to generate paper audit trails for sterilization or destructive cycles, and thus elect to add a printer to their TACTROL control unit. Since thermal paper is terrible for archival uses—especially if you can’t guarantee temperature-stable, low-humidity storage conditions—Priorclave uses standard ink-ribbon printers. For your convenience, we can supply the printer ribbons and paper rolls used by your unit.

3. Siphon Pumps

It might seem odd to group these with “consumables,” but we’ve found that the siphon pump —which also makes an excellent squirt gun at pool parties —has a tendency to wander off during the summer months.

We offer two varieties of hand-operated siphon pumps. These are very handy for routine cleaning and maintenance, or to fully empty autoclaves directly connected to a building’s clean steam supply (as these units tend not to have a built-in drain). If you have a large or top-loading autoclave, you’ll want a long siphon pump. The shorter pumps are usually adequate for benchtop or other smaller front-loading sterilizers. Best practice is to have a dedicated siphon pump for each autoclave, in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Select the consumable item for your sterilizer
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Questions about Consumables?

Confused as to which deodorizer, printer ribbon, or siphon pump is the one you need? Contact us for help sorting out the details or for inquires about any of our autoclave services.