Autoclave Services and Repairs: Three Tricks Will Save you Thousands of Dollars Each Year

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Autoclave Services and Repairs: Three Tricks Will Save you Thousands of Dollars Each YearPriorclave is pleased to offer professional repair, maintenance, and calibration services for our autoclaves. But it pleases us even more to know that the average Priorclave owner will likely never need their sterilizer serviced.

Factory Autoclave Service and Repairs

If disaster does strike, Priorclave is ready to get you up and running in short order. Every unit we ship is covered by a 36-month parts and labor warranty. This includes everything from thermocouples, valves, and control systems to door hinges, nuts, and bolts. (The warranty excludes damage due to neglect, misuse, and improper maintenance, accidents, spillage, or the effects of a hard water supply, as well as the replacement of consumable components like printer paper and door gaskets.)

Because of the remote diagnostic capabilities built in to our Tactrol Control System, our technicians—if needed—arrive with all the necessary parts and equipment, ready to repair your autoclave, not just diagnose your problem. If local contractors or on-site staff can handle the repair (as is often the case), we can ship parts overnight. In many regions we can even offer same-day delivery.

Routine service, maintenance, and calibration calls are $225/hour (time on site) plus travel (as applicable)

Considerable savings are available if your autoclave is covered by a Priorclave Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Autoclave Service Plans

Priorclave’s Annual Preventative Maintenance and Autoclave Service Plans cover two annual maintenance visits, and discounts on parts, consumables, calibration services, and any additional autoclave service calls.

Routine Service and Operator Maintenance

By staying up to date with Routine Maintenance—which any operator can perform—you can prolong the longevity of your autoclave and almost completely eliminate the need for service and maintenance calls. Our technicians can perform routine maintenance, repairs, and calibration services—regardless of whether or nor you’ve signed an annual maintenance contract.

First-Class Turnkey Installation

Autoclave installation may be handled by your on-site facilities staff (who we’re happy to support), but Priorclave North America has distinguished itself by offering First-Class Turnkey Installation Services. With this service our technicians handle every aspect of your installation, from coordinating with facilities staff, trades, and inspectors to accepting delivery, opening the crates, plumbing and wiring the autoclave, and confirming the installed unit meets Priorclave’s stringent installation and operation standards. First-Class Turnkey Installation Service includes, at no additional fee, custom cycle programming and unlimited training for your staff. Training sessions are individualized to your lab’s schedule and needs, and can include a mix of session times, durations, and topics. We work together to come up with a plan that works for you. Contact us for pricing and details.

Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support

Every unit we ship is covered by a 36-month parts and labor warranty, our ASME-stamped pressure vessels are backed with an unparalleled 20-year guarantee, and we support every unit with our free lifetime 24/7 technical support.

Service FAQ

Your most frequently asked autoclave service questions, answered at last!