Autoclave Recycling

Autoclave Recycling & End-of-Life Services

Valhalla, I am Coming!

All good things come to an end.  After many long and happy years, when you and your Priorclave are ready to finally part ways, please give us a call.  We stand by our autoclaves—and support our customers—through the last full measure.

autoclave recycling
Valhalla, I am Coming!

Priorclave Stands with their Clients and with our Planet

Priorclave North America is known for customer service and satisfaction.  We stand by our customers, taking the time to understand your operations before speccing your custom autoclave, and including free lifetime technical support with every Priorclave we ship.  We’ve also long been known for standing by our machines, with a 36-month limited parts-and-labor warranty and 20-year pressure vessel warranty—longer than any other industry leader. 

(DISCLOSURE: We can afford to offer a warranty twice as long because our durable design philosophy and exceedingly high manufacturing standards make defects in material and workmanship exceedingly rare.)

We also stand by our workers and our planet:  Your Priorclave research-grade autoclave is almost entirely recyclable (as is all of the packing material and packing in which it was originally shipped).  Unfortunately, while most areas will pickup your cardboard without question, not all regions have a very robust municipal recycling program for bulky items.

Call Us Before You Call Waste Disposal

Even the meanest, greenest autoclave on the planet eventually runs its final cycle.  When that day comes, just give us a call and we’ll help you sort out that details.