Competitive Autoclave Prices on the Right Autoclave for You

If They Don’t Ask What You’re Doing, They Don’t Know What They’re Doing

Priorclave offers the most competitive autoclave pricing in North America for mid-size and large research sterilizers. Our customers consistently report that our autoclaves’ sticker prices are significantly more reasonable than those of comparable units sold by the leading medical sterilizer manufacturers.

Although our smallest autoclaves are more expensive than the most common “tabletop” models (the sorts often found in clinics and tattoo parlors), they are also an order of magnitude more reliable, and a great deal better suited to serious research. (For details, see our free whitepaper on tabletop sterilizers.)

The Priorclave autoclave price advantage is especially pronounced with double-ended pass-through entirely custom-built in our South London facility. Today, our bespoke pass-through autoclaves are used for everything from university research to mobile military labs.

The Best Autoclave Prices for the Right Autoclave

How do we consistently beat big manufacturers’ autoclave prices?

By having a conversation with every potential customer. Priorclave has decades of experience with custom autoclave manufacturing. We find out what you actually need to get your job done, and then meet that need–no more, no less.

The big manufacturers got big by selling to the biggest market in the United States: Healthcare. They’ve designed the absolute best autoclaves for the core hospital use case: Taking clean (or even brand new) instruments and medical supplies, and rendering them sterile for use on humans. These medical-grade autoclaves must be able to run back-to-back cycles 24/7, year round. To do so, they have many specialized proprietary parts, use a lot of water and electricity, and demand very strict maintenance schedules. They are like Formula One race cars: Built to do one thing exceedingly well, and priced to match.

And, like a Formula One racer, they are overkill for the vast majority of us. An extensive 2015 survey performed by the Emerging Technology Programs of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas and Electric found that most researchers only use their autoclaves for three hours per day, five days per week. They don’t need a device that can run hot 24/7/365, and they certainly don’t want one optimized for FDA-approved cycles.

The ideal researcher autoclave is robust, simple, can idle cold, and has a flexible, fully-programmable control system.

If They Send You an “Autoclave Price List,” Throw it Away

If our autoclave prices and devices are so great, why aren’t we the best known manufacturer?

Because our sales process is meant to improve your research, not our bottom line. The sales leaders treat autoclaves as a commodity product: Build them cheap, sell them expensive, ship them quick, keep customers chugging through the sales funnel, and sign everyone up for a service contract.

We are not in the autoclave repair business; we’re in the autoclave business. We offer some of the longest warranties in the business (20 years on our ASME-stamped pressure vessels), and some of the best customer service (with free lifetime technical support included with every unit)–because our goal is to cultivate lifetime customers, who will keep coming back as their work expands.

Selling you a good autoclave for a great price isn’t the end of our relationship; it’s the beginning.