Autoclave Parts

Do you need a replacement part for your Priorclave sterilizer? Contact us and we’ll get you squared away. Please have your serial number ready when you call.

The Priorclave Parts Difference

Some autoclave manufacturers go out of their way to design sterilizers around a constellation of specially manufactured, proprietary parts. This doesn’t just drive up the initial purchase price —with negligible performance benefits —but also locks users in to buying from a single distributor for the lifetime of that device, regardless of whether or not they’re happy with the quality of service and parts they receive.

Wherever possible, Priorclave uses standard components, many of which can be independently sourced from a variety of manufacturers, or even found at a local hardware store or parts wholesaler. These include many of the most-often serviced parts, such as solenoids, breakers and fuses, printer ribbons, and so on.

All parts —both standard and proprietary —can be purchased directly from Priorclave North America for hassle-free delivery from our Michigan warehouse. We also offer standard 2- and 3-year spares kits for customers who prefer to maintain on-site stock.

36-Month Parts & Labor Warranty

All properly installed and maintained Priorclave sterilizers are covered by a 36-month parts and labor warranty that covers everything, excluding consumable components (such as door gaskets, which naturally wear with normal use) and damage due to neglect or improper operation and maintenance.

In addition, Priorclave autoclaves come with a 20-year warranty on the chamber and unlimited technical support. We’re happy to provide additional services at reasonable rates.

Priorclave owners with a current Priorclave Preventative Maintenance Plan receive a 15% discount on all parts ordered directly from Priorclave North America.

A Note on Delivery

All official replacement parts are supplied by our UK manufacturer, and the most common parts are stocked in our Detroit warehouse, available for overnight delivery.