High-temperature, high-pressure, highly reliable. Long cycles, complex programs, cycle repeat.

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The autoclave is no longer just some hot box that sterilizes gauze and scalpels. Modern autoclaves are used every day in research and development, quality assurance, education—and not just in the bio-medical facilities. We’ve outfitted food processors and dairy farms with autoclaves, as well as universities and colleges, manufacturers and fabricators, government facilities and startup ventures. Our units are being used today to develop the next generation of biofuels and building materials, to push bullet proof vests and glass to the point of failure, to train the next generation of innovators.

A modern research-grade autoclave is not just a machine that takes something clean and makes it sterile. These devices reliably take anything—forceps, circuit boards, test tubes of designer DNA, sealed cans of beef vegetable stew—and raise it to a specific temperature and pressure for minutes, hours, days, even months. The advanced Tactrol Control System makes it possible to precisely vary temperature mid-cycle—something that’s simply not possible with low-end medical sterilizers or old-fashioned “pressure cooker” autoclaves. And unlike other manufacturers, every one of our units is capable of extended cycles (up to 999 minutes) and cycle repeat (up to 999 consecutive iterations).

Priorclave autoclaves are handmade in our South London manufacturing facility, and completely customizable to suit your needs. Every single Priorclave unit is built around an ASME-stamped 316L stainless steel pressure vessel and outfitted with our fully programmable Tactrol control system. The pressure vessel is backed by our unparalleled 20-year warranty. The control system is backed by free, 24/7 lifetime technical support. The first Priorclave ever built has been in use for nearly 30 years.

Partners for Life

Our relationship begins with us selling you an autoclave, but it doesn’t end with us cashing your check. From the ground up, each unit is built to be an industry leader in efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. That said, owning and operating a Priorclave costs a fraction of what you might expect.

If you need to harness heat and pressure to get your job done, we can help.