An Autoclave Manufacturer Tailoring Custom Solutions

Simple is Good

Few autoclave manufacturers have experience building custom research sterilizers. They have a few standard models that they crank out and ship as quickly as possible. Every single unit Priorclave ships has been individually built by hand in our South London factory. Other manufacturers outsource the fabrication of pressure vessels to developing nations. We make every ASME-stamped Priorclave pressure vessel ourselves. Our British parent company calls it “bespoke design,” stressing the custom-tailoring–just like a Savile Row suit. Here at Priorclave North America, we think of it as being more akin to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle: The right ride for the right rider, every time.

One of our recent return customers–a university researcher–noted: “What I love is that when you take the panels off and actually look at what makes the thing tick, you feel like you could actually take a wrench to it yourself. It’s graceful, robust, and simple. It’s a beautiful design, beautifully built.”

In short, Priorclave embraces the same design philosophy as Jim Henson:

“Simple is good.”

A Fully Custom Autoclave Manufacturer

But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Priorclave has gone out of its way to manufacture not only the most rugged research sterilizers in the world, but also the most flexible, featuring a fully-programmable control system that makes it easy to run standard cycles (set a time, set a temperature, press START), while still offering extremely precise control of 100 functions and parameters: temperature set-points and ramps, monitoring, logging, vacuum pumps, cooling assists, heating elements, cycle repeats, and more.

Simplicity has other benefits. As an autoclave manufacturer, we work to absolutely minimize the number of moving parts in any unit. This doesn’t just reduce cost and increase reliability. It also results in extremely efficient devices (learn more at

A Sterilizer Manufacturer that Supports the Customer, Not Just the Product

We give you the toughest autoclave we can, so that you can do the best work you can. Priorclave has three decades of experience building custom autoclaves–the first autoclave we ever built is still running fine–and we stand by each one with a 36-month limited parts-and-labor warranty, and unparalleled 20-year guarantee on our ASME-stamped pressure vessels.

More important than the quality of the device we ship you is the quality of the support that comes with it: Every Priorclave comes with free lifetime 24/7 technical support. This is our standard level of service. It’s not limited to addressing problems stemming from “a material or manufacturing defect,” and it’s not a special add-on “service contract” with an add-on fee.

If you have a question, call us. If you have a tricky load you need to process, call us. We have years of practical and engineering expertise. If your work has evolved and you need to do something new and innovative that you’re just not sure has been done before, call us. If you need an autoclave to do something you’ve never heard of anyone doing before, call us. The more interesting the challenge, the more we enjoy finding a simple, graceful solution.