Autoclaves for Lab Managers with Schedules to Keep

Avoid Downtime with a Rugged Research Autoclave

When the autoclave is down, the lab is down. Uptime is a key concern for every lab manager. The most frequent complaint we hear from lab managers is that they’ve had ongoing problems with the reliability of their current autoclave–which is why they’re calling us.

We pride ourselves on building the toughest autoclaves on the planet. The first Priorclave steam sterilizer ever built is still in operation today, thirty years later. While most manufacturers only offer a 10-year pressure vessel warranty, we guarantee ours for 20 years–and every unit we sell comes with free lifetime 24/7 technical support. Most maintenance problems can be diagnosed remotely by our team and directly addressed by your staff. Our tech support includes unlimited assistance with sterilization best-practices and cycle customization to make our autoclaves really work for our customers.

Reliable Autoclaves for Research and Industry

It’s no surprise that lab managers struggle with autoclave reliability: Far too many research labs are outfitted with sterilizers originally designed for medical applications (especially when it comes to smaller tabletop autoclaves). According to their own manufacturers, these medical-grade autoclaves require a great deal of regular maintenance in order to survive the rigors of an industrial or research setting. And the manufacturer’s expectations for what constitutes “standard user maintenance procedures” can be a little daunting. For example, some suggest that lab managers might expect to replace door gaskets and rebuild solenoid valves and steam traps two to three times each year–plus budgeting for an annual factory-certified “preventative maintenance” service call (starting within the first year after installation).

This is why Priorclave has built their autoclaves from the ground up for research and industrial use. With a properly specified, installed, and maintained research-grade autoclave, the valves and gaskets should last for years without factory service. And “proper maintenance” shouldn’t mean breaking out a full set of socket wrenches. Keeping the unit clean (inside and out), regularly greasing hinges and gaskets, and checking for scale build-up twice per year is all the maintenance most Priorclaves need.

Keeping Pilgrim’s Pride Up and Running

Pilgrims_logoIn early 2015 Priorclave outfitted Pilgrim’s Pride with a benchtop autoclave for one of their facilities in Pittsburg, Texas. Pilgrim’s Pride is the largest chicken supplier in the US, with meat quality testing at the cornerstone of their business. Their quality assurance department had previously relied on a medical-grade tabletop sterilizer. They struggled to keep this unit up and running under the relatively heavy workload posed by their daily waste processing and media prep cycles.

By replacing this sterilizer with a research-grade Priorclave 60L Benchtop autoclave, Pilgrim’s Pride substantially improved uptime, even as they increased the size of their work loads.