Autoclave Calibration

Calibration of equipment is an essential part of the operation of a modern laboratory. It ensures that equipment is performing according to its operating settings. Certified calibration of equipment is often a key part of Laboratory Accreditation, and is considered one of our core autoclave services.

Calibrated thermocouples are connected beside the temperature control and monitoring probes of your autoclave. These in turn are coupled to a two-channel calibrated digital thermometer.

During an operating cycle the readings recorded will be checked against those shown on the temperature controller and ancillary equipment, e.g. chart recorders, printers, etc. The accuracy of any timers fitted are also measured and recorded.

Should an error be found with a component the Priorclave Service Technician will take any action necessary to correct errors in calibration.

During the test all readings taken will be entered onto the test records which will then be signed and dated. Our Technician returns the results of the calibration tests to our Calibration Laboratory where a UKAS accredited certificate is produced. This is sent to you as a record of the calibration and forms part of the essential documentation for Laboratory Accreditation.

Calibration Charges (Including full UKAS accredited certification):

  • Standard (one calibration per year at one temperature): $2,700
  • Two calibrations per year at one temperature: $4,320
  • Additional temperatures (each): $900
  • Re-calibration: $1,800

Travel expenses will be added for calibrations not covered by a Maintenance Plan.