Biomaster Antimicrobial Surfaces: Better than Stainless Steel

Your autoclave’s sterilization chamber is the cleanest place in the dirtiest corner of your lab. But the exterior of your sterilizer can be a potentially serious source of cross-contamination. Biomaster antimicrobial treated coating applied to the exterior of the autoclave helps reduce bacteria on the surface and protect the sterilizer from degradation. Biomaster protected sterilizers are only available from Priorclave autoclaves.

Stainless Steel Doesn’t Clean Itself

The majority of autoclave manufacturers produce autoclaves with untreated stainless steel exterior panels. Not only are these panels a potential source of microbial contamination, but they are also difficult to keep looking good. Stainless steel panels show wear quickly and are susceptible to colonization by molds and mildews. In addition to smelling bad, such microbial colonies will also discolor—and damage the surface, leading to degradation of the sterilizer.

Biomaster Antimicrobial Surfaces

For this reason Priorclave has partnered with Addmaster (UK) Ltd. to offer Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces on all Priorclave sterilizers. Biomaster silver-based treated surface coatings have been tested in thousands of applications, and are proven to reduce microbial contamination on the surface, protecting the surface from unwanted contamination that may cause product degradation.

Biomaster is the recognized industry leader in inorganic silver-based antimicrobials. Each of their surface treatments is individually formulated for that specific application, and independently tested for safety, longevity, and durability. Biomaster coatings don’t leach, can’t be washed off, and are as effective on the final day of operation as on the first.

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