ACT Label

Research labs are resource-intensive, consuming five times more energy than a typical office building and using millions of gallons of water per year (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Laboratories for the 21st Century: Best Practices, Washington, DC, 2005). Autoclaves are a major contributor to this high resource consumption.

That’s why Priorclave is committed to producing not only the toughest autoclaves on the planet, but also the most sustainable.

But it is often difficult for labs to determine how resource intensive a given type of equipment is, or how one brand stacks up against its competitors.

Now you can compare labels and find out for yourself.

Priorclave is the first autoclave manufacturer to display the ACT Label. ACT—which stands for accountability, consistency, and transparency—is designed to provide critical information on the manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life costs associated with laboratory equipment—making it easier to choose safe, sustainable products.

Priorclave has adopted the ACT program along with fellow leaders in the life science industry, including Eppendorf, MilliporeSigma, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

ACT-labeled products are independently audited by Sustainability Made Simple and verified by My Green Lab. My Green Lab’s Green Lab Certification Program is recognized throughout North America as the standard for laboratory sustainability.

The criteria for the ACT label, also known as the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) criteria, were developed with input from scientists, sustainability directors, procurement specialists, and manufacturers. Reading the ACT label is simple: the lower the score, the lower the impact on the environment (equipment scores can range from less than 100 to over 800).

If you’re considering a new autoclave, ask to see the ACT Label first.