Custom Laboratory Autoclaves from Priorclave North America

The autoclave is central to operations in modern manufacturing and research. Most labs use their autoclave at least daily, and many complain of persistent problems with reliability, maintenance costs, and water/energy consumption. Selecting the right laboratory autoclave for your specific application and facility now saves you money today, and significantly reduces future frustrations.

As the North American distributor for Priorclave—the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of autoclaves—we’re eager to guide users to the steam autoclave that will meet the specific challenges posed by their daily tasks, facilities, and environments. We stand by every autoclave we sell with lifetime free 24/7 technical support, a 36-month limited parts-and-labor warranty, and an unparalleled 20-year guarantee on our ASME-stamped pressure vessels.

NEW!! Annual Customer Survey Results Are Here!

pna-survey-results-2016For the second year in a row, Priorclave’s customers reported 100% Satisfaction! This year’s survey, focused on product features, included all North American Customers to date (2011-2016).

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